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Chosen Farm & Sawmill - A Non-Profit Organization

We can mill up to a 30” diameter tree and turn your unwanted tree into beautiful, usable lumber! 2x4’s, 2x6’s, 4x4’s, or even as large as 8x28” beams, we produce quality lumber.

We can provide veneers or beams, whichever you prefer and, of course, what your tree can provide.

We can provide you services such as:

  • Fell a tree (felling is the term of cutting a tree down in one length. In short, TIMBER!). This is limited in suburban areas and/or certain HOAs
  • Mill trees
  • Chip all small debris and limbs
  • Pelletize all sawdust into bio fuel

We utilize all of the tree. No waste.

We can also provide you with fell & haul away for those who do not want any portion of the tree left behind.

Fill out the REQUEST FORM or give us a call! We will come out and look at your needs. We will provide you with a firm price and, once accepted, we will complete the project!

(713) 822-1719

Sawmill and milled wood
Sawing wood
Wood loaded onto trailer
Large log